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Naugle Heating & Cooling is the preferred Air Conditioning Contractor in Tecumseh, providing A/C installation and repairs throughout Lenawee County, Southern Washtenaw County and Western Monroe County.

To some homeowners, a central air conditioning system is a major investment, but one that adds value to the home and comfort for the family. Today’s high-efficiency air conditioning products operate more effectively while promoting better air quality and moisture control. We offer a variety of models that are ENERGY STAR® qualified. These air conditioners meet or exceed the EPA guidelines for energy efficiency, and improve indoor air comfort while minimizing energy costs and sound levels.


Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re considering the comfortable lifestyle that comes with a central air conditioning unit for your home, talk with the experts of Naugle Heating & Cooling. We take the time to understand your seasonal needs, the size of the cooling area in your home, and the features you’d like in an air conditioning unit.

Choosing a new air conditioner can seem overwhelming. The technicians with Naugle will explain the difference between two-stage technology and single-stage systems, and the lower utility bills that can result from each type of system. We can explain the SEER cooling efficiency rating of each unit, which is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. When comparing air conditioners, a higher SEER ratio often relates to better energy performance, and more energy savings for your budget.


Air Conditioning Repair

No matter what type of HVAC system you own, chances are that at some point, you may need an air conditioning repair. Make sure you choose air conditioning contractors who are properly trained and certified to repair these units.

Trained professionals can provide the correct parts and servicing to AC units that require repair. Our air conditioning service technicians can also check to see if the unit is still under warranty and provide manufacturer recommended parts to ensure that your AC unit will last as long as possible.


Regular Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

The experts at Naugle Heating & Cooling recommend a pre-season checkup for your AC system. This annual air conditioning service can protect your investment and prevent the air conditioning unit from breaking down.

During the checkup, the air conditioner is examined to make sure all moving parts are oiled, that belts are properly adjusted, electrical connections are secure, filters are clear, and the amp draw and coolant levels are correct. This pre-season checkup is critical for the overall durability of your air conditioning equipment.

Contact Naugle Heating &Cooling today to find out how your family can enjoy the benefits of central air conditioning in your home.


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