Temperature fluctuations this time of year may have you wondering about the effectiveness of your existing central air conditioning unit. Or, perhaps you don’t have central air and want to have it installed this year. Here are a few tips to consider about home central air units.

Air Conditioning Costs vs. Benefits

On average, central air is less expensive to operate than a number of older window air conditioners. So, if you are cooling your home with the same equipment you used 8-10 years ago, it may be more efficient to install newer whole-house air conditioning.

Even those central air units that are 10 years or older are not as energy-efficient as the models available today. The Energy.gov website stated that you could probably save 20% to 40% of cooling costs by replacing an older air conditioner with newer, more efficient models.

The good news is that the average life span of most central air conditioners is now around 15 years, and replacement parts and regular maintenance can help them last at least that long, or even longer.

Central air conditioners circulate cool air throughout your home, and also reduce the amount of humidity at the same time. High humidity left inside a home can contribute to health problems and mold growth inside the walls of your home.

This is where an experienced professional can help you decide on the right size of air conditioning unit. A unit too small for your square footage won’t properly cool it; while a unit too large will not adequately remove humidity.

Wondering how an air conditioner works? Click here for an Energy Saver Infographic about home cooling.

Proper Installation Required

An HVAC specialist knows the right ductwork required for a specific make and model of central air conditioning; and where to locate that ductwork for best air movement throughout the house.

If your home already has an adequate furnace, a split-system unit might be recommended for air conditioning the whole house. Find a heating and cooling specialist who knows the specifications of the different systems, who can suggest the best options for your home.

You may have seen packaged air conditioner systems, where the entire unit is located outside the home. For those, it is important that they are located properly on a level surface, away from bushes or areas where leaves or debris can clog the unit’s airflow. The HVAC Technician will also make sure that refrigerant levels are proper and the entire system is operating correctly.

Regular Maintenance Required

Just as with other major systems in your home, you need to properly maintain your central air conditioning system. Some tasks are easy to check yourself, such as inspecting, cleaning or replacing the air filter or checking the thermostat settings. Other maintenance requires special tools or knowledge.

A regular maintenance plan with our HVAC team at Naugle Plumbing and Heating will ensure you have comfortable, cool living inside your home this summer. Call us to see what specials are available in central air conditioning for your home.