It could happen to anyone – a leaking pipe, malfunctioning washing machine, or natural disaster that requires you to shut water off to your home or condo. Often, the plumbing emergency is time-critical, and acting fast to shut off the water main can save hundreds of gallons of water in your monthly bill, and prevent flooding damage in your home.

Depending on your leak or problem, the time you spend looking for the shut-off valve can cause enough water to start flooding your home that would normally fill a bathtub, or more.

Handle Plumbing Emergencies Quickly

If a burst pipe is your plumbing emergency, calling for a plumbing repair service won’t stop the water fast enough, but you can prevent further damage while they arrive if you know how to locate your water shut-off valves.

Each home has a main shut-off valve. Depending on the size or construction of your home or condo, you may have local zones of water in different areas, which would also have different valves to lower or stop the water in that area. For instance, shutting off valves to the outside water faucets wouldn’t necessarily shut off water throughout the entire house.

Where is your water meter or pressure tank located? Chances are that the main shut-off valve is located near that. Otherwise, you can observe the piping in your basement if it’s visible, and locate connections leading to a main pipe. It may be a good idea to buy an extra set of channel locks or a pipe wrench that you keep right near the valve at all times. That way, you won’t spend additional time searching for the tool to shut down the water.

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