Water heaters are something that we rely on daily, for a hot shower, long soothing bath, clean clothes and dishes, and more. But when your water heater stops working, you miss the convenience that you enjoyed throughout the day. Here are five warning signs that your water heater may need help.

Not enough hot water

Are you shortening your shower because the hot water doesn’t last as long? Even if you’re not lucky enough to get your shower before your teenager does, a hot water heater should normally provide enough hot water for at least two showers in a row.

There’s a monster down there

Do you hear boiling or rumbling sounds in the bottom of the water heater, or sounds like small pebbles rolling around? Chances are that you have a buildup that needs to be cleaned.

Relief valve leaking

If your relief valve has a constant drip to it, then it could be filled with mineral deposits that might block it off completely – potentially resulting in a water heater explosion.

Check the supply

Supply valves need to be operational and free from corrosion or rust. If these become blocked, you may notice a decrease in water available.

Is the water heater vented properly?

Water heater venting should be in good condition and attached securely, with no blockage. Blockage can cause improper operation and a loss of efficiency. And, if your water heater isn’t vented properly, there is a risk of carbon monoxide entering your home.

A home appliance that you rely on daily needs regular maintenance checks, just like the vehicle you drive. If you’d like to know how to check your home systems, sign up for our Home Check Up report, or call us for an inspection of your home’s main operational systems.