As the winter heating season approaches, it’s a good idea to evaluate how well your furnace or boiler system is operating. Take the time now to inspect and prepare the HVAC system to ensure trouble-free performance before the cold weather arrives.

Just like your car, a heating system should have routine checkups. Ignore regular maintenance for too long and malfunctions will probably occur, especially on cold winter days. Regular inspections via a furnace service agreement will ensure your heating system is working well when the temperatures drop.

How much does HVAC maintenance cost?

When an emergency visit is required for home heating repairs, service fees and part costs are usually separate items calculated for the trip. HVAC maintenance costs can vary widely, depending on the severity of the problem and type of parts that may need to be replaced.

A reputable furnace repair company will follow established industry pricing guidelines for the parts needed as well as the standardized time that is estimated to complete the task.

Ideally, a maintenance inspection should be scheduled as a precautionary step well ahead of seasonal changes. This is a separate service call that is performed by a qualified HVAC technician. This inspection can identify worn parts, inefficient operation, or possible safety hazards that should be addressed.

Is a home heating service contract worth it?

Cost-conscious homeowners may be tempted to ignore annual service tasks required for their furnace; but there are some ways to save money while still having quality service.

A service agreement, also known as a maintenance contract, or service plan, outlines specific preventative tasks that are performed on a home heating system. These types of agreements often provide overall cost savings for the annual maintenance inspection as well as reduced fees for additional service-related tasks.

Service contracts may be available through a few resources in your community:

  • A qualified HVAC service company
  • Gas or utility companies
  • Home warranty companies

Each resource will offer different levels of service and may have pre-qualifying criteria before specific work is covered. It’s best to research the options available, but make sure the work is completed by someone familiar with your system. A warranty for the work performed may also be part of the agreement, so ask each resource for specific information about the coverage.

What is included in a planned service agreement?

At a minimum, the service agreement usually includes an annual inspection of the furnace or boiler system. This can include a visual inspection of the thermostat, pressure settings, motor functions, belts, burners and fans, as well as evaluating the entire operational cycle. Some agreements also check carbon monoxide levels, humidity levels, and air filtration or purification.

Labor costs for the annual inspection are usually included in the agreement; but if additional parts are needed, that can be an additional expense.

Some levels of service plans also include priority scheduling. Customers on a regular plan appreciate having their systems checked well ahead of season requirements.

Combining service plans may also be an option, so the humidifier is checked at the same time as the gas furnace. This reduces the need for an additional service call, so some savings may be passed on to the customer.

Benefits of a heating system service plan

Besides peace of mind, there are a number of benefits to having a regular heating system service plan.

  • System dependability
  • Proper maintenance
  • Safe operation
  • Energy cost savings
  • Repair warranty
  • Discounts on additional services or parts

Naugle Plumbing & Heating is qualified to inspect and repair all major brands of furnaces and boiler systems. Visit our Service Plan page to see how we inspect and get your heating system ready for the upcoming season. And, contact us today to set up furnace service agreement to give you peace of mind and comfort this winter.