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Upgrade from your oil furnace to LP (propane) with Naugle Heating and Cooling. LP (propane) furnaces offer superior efficiency, cutting energy use and costs for long-term savings and efficient heating!

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Annual Oil Furnace Maintenance: Keeping Your Family Safe and Warm

Ensure your oil furnace is ready for action by scheduling maintenance or repair service today with Naugle Heating and Cooling. Annual maintenance; is crucial for extending lifespan, enhancing energy efficiency, reducing costs, improving reliability, and enhancing safety. Schedule your oil furnace maintenance with us for peace of mind all winter.

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Naugle OilGuard ClimateGuard: Oil Furnace Tune-Up

Inspect Thermostat (clean, check batteries, inspect wires)

Oil Burner Service:

  • Replace Nozzle
  • Replace oil filter
  • Clean End cone
  • Adjust spark electrodes
  • Check the oil pump pressure
  • Test primary control
  • Check Ignition transformer
  • Clean air vanes and adjust for proper flame
  • Check the Heat Exchanger and Fire Chamber for Cracks and soot
  • Clean and inspect the flue/chimney

Blower Compartment:

  • Clean blower compartment
  • Check blower wheel
  • Check the Blower motor and capacitor
  • Check Voltage and amp Draws
  • Check the blower belt (if equipped)
  • Oil motor and bearings if applicable
  • Test high-limit safety
  • Replace air filter

Oil Boiler:

  • Check Zone Valves
  • Check temp and pressure
  • Check the pressure tank and fill the system
  • Clean Heat exchanger
  • Check relief Valve
  • Check piping for leaks
  • Check Circulator pump
  • Check air vents
  • Test Low water cutoff

If it's steam: check the sight glass and follow manufacturer recommendations for drain down and fill.

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Naugle Heating and Cooling: Affordable Excellence for Your Oil Furnace Maintenance and Repair Needs in Lenawee County!