Commercial Plumbing and Heating Repair Specialists

Naugle Heating & Cooling, located in Tecumseh, MI, is one of southeastern Michigan’s leading full-service plumbing contractors for commercial plumbing problems. With over 30 years of service to the local community, many local businesses rely on us, including healthcare facilities, businesses, schools, retail and restaurant locations, industrial plants, and municipal offices.

Our licensed plumbing and HVAC professionals install and maintain plumbing systems throughout the community. We also perform renovations or repairs of plumbing fixtures, piping, or heating and cooling systems.

Emergency Plumbing and Heating Services for Your Commercial Property

Time is critical when you have a plumbing emergency. Your business must continue to operate, so you can’t wait around for a plumber or for spare parts to be ordered. Naugle Heating & Cooling provides 24-hour emergency plumbing service in order to keep your business going. And, we stock thousands of parts, because we know how important it is to fix your plumbing problem right away.

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Our on-call plumbers have the skills needed to solve your plumbing problems, including installation and repair of:

  • Sewer Systems
  • Drain Systems
  • Toilet Problems
  • Leaking Faucets
  • Commercial Water Heaters
  • Commercial HVAC Service
  • Boiler Systems
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Plumbing and Piping Systems
  • Pump Systems
  • Steam Piping Systems
  • Refrigerant Systems
  • Water Softeners
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Grease Interceptors
  • Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Emergencies happen, but regular maintenance is often less expensive. When we visit your commercial location, we can offer suggestions for regular self-maintenance tasks to help keep your drains clear and grease traps clean.

Clogged drains become a nuisance. Our plumbers know how to quickly clear the drain. Once the drain has been professional cleaned, we can suggest automated systems to keep them clear. These systems save your business time and money, and the product used is safe for the environment.

Whatever your commercial plumbing problems are, Naugle Heating & Cooling will provide the prompt, professional plumbing service that your business deserves.